Song 喆 aspects of the first sound a hundred times on the network to open the house records de-tda7294

Song Zhe first sound: network transmission of hundreds of open house records department rumors of a team paid to the black Baoqiang Wang rejected song & #21894; 109 open house records exposed WCC news on August 15th, Baoqiang Wang formally to the Beijing Chaoyang Court filed a divorce to his wife Ma Rong, and exposed the improper relationships agent Song Zhe and his wife Ma Rong. The 14 day, Ma Rong and Song Zhe into the whirlpool. On the internet almost every day they criticized all kinds of rumors diffuse condemning, can be said to wavewave. Especially the most widely spread news is Song Zhe and Ma Rong took a huge amount of property with Baoqiang Wang. Another rumor is that there are hundreds of times Song Zhe and Ma Rong open room records. In the face of these two rumors, the media repeatedly to Ma Rong and I call or send text messages to verify the, there is no fruit. Ma Rong and song two news parties, more than ten days, in the face of all kinds of rumors always do not respond, do not explain. In various efforts, at 4 pm on August 27th, the media finally contacted the Song Dynasty, Shao Yaguang, a lawyer. When the media asked about the Song Zhe online and Baoqiang Wang wife Ma Rong, a variety of rumors, whether it is true, Shao Yaguang’s lawyer for Song Zhe said: "there are more vocal about the Song Zhe rumors online is not true. Some rumors are an injury to the song dynasty. Because the court has not yet heard the verdict, Song Zhe can not say anything. I can’t say anything more. After all must obey the court of justice, and elaborate." When asked: "since the media has reported online, Song Zhe and Ma Rong has hundreds of open room records, and sex video, is it true?" Shao Yaguang lawyer representative Song Zhe denied: "these are untrue rumors. The hundreds of open room records, and unto the video is not exist." The media asked: "Internet days has been rumored Song Zhe and Ma Rong swept away a huge amount of property with Baoqiang Wang? The rampant rumors, how to explain?" Shao Yaguang lawyer said: because there is no court proceedings, the court did not make a decision. I declined to comment." According to media reports, Shao Yaguang, a lawyer hired by Song Dynasty, is a well-known lawyer in Beijing. He focuses on Civil and commercial disputes with the company legal advisory services to complex legal issues have a strong ability to open, and carefully careful thinking in the lawyer occupation. The Song Zhe hired him as a divorce lawyer, is mainly responsible for the Song Zhe and his wife Yang Hui divorce. But because Song Zhe is the agent of Baoqiang Wang, was accused of public exposure with his wife, Ma Rong, improper relationship with the public, but also by the government of the people’s Republic of China, mr.. The Song Zhe now has become one of the key figures in the entertainment circle Baoqiang Wang divorce case concerns high. All kinds of abuses can be heard without end. Even the lawyer Shao Yaguang is his low-key, exchange with reporters very cautious. Near Yang Hui Song Zhe case came to court prosecution, lawyer Shao Yaguang is currently actively preparing materials and Song Zhe to collect evidence. Shao Yaguang lawyers finally said that the court hearing the evidence is that he believes the court will be a fair decision.相关的主题文章: