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The quality of domestic output "wild Soushenji" into the Gstar CGWR score | wild Soushenji novice card booking area lead: Korea international game exhibition (GSTAR) will be held in November 17th this year, South Korea -20 in Busan International Convention and Exhibition Center, as one of the world’s three largest electronic game exhibition, GSTAR brings together the well-known game makers around the world and the big game that will attract many game player to participate in the annual. This year, the tour development of MMOARPG masterpiece "wild Soushenji" will be the first time in the GSTAR stage, and to provide on-site demo, which is "wild Soushenji" for the first time in the overseas market debut. "Wild Soushenji" official website of > > > character model "delicate wild Soushenji" tour lasted six years, costing billions of dollars of R & D MMOARPG, excellent quality of the game in the first test, performance test in the two win a game player for the core, with real action battle system experience has also been widely praised. The rise in mobile gaming, the end of the tour gradually into the winter and now the wild game market, "Soushenji" still insist on steady craftsman style is intensive and meticulous farming, swim this year only a participating GSTAR heavy work. Exquisite picture dodge system by adding two section by the light created by the times fly over the walls of CryEngine3 engine, the famous fantasy novel "wilderness Trilogy" adapted from the rich world view, the famous Japanese action system action game with producer Itagaki letter to participate in the design, set top tour R & D multinational R & D team…… "Wild Soushenji" regarded as a big game of international quality. In recent years, after the domestic game have to go abroad, overseas game player for China and oriental culture has a certain degree of understanding and acceptance, this is the "wild Soushenji" positive factors into the overseas market. A new scene of this GSTAR, "the wild Soushenji" will display the latest version of the game, game player and exhibitors can experience in the demo area. It is reported that the new version includes Taihu, Su Feng beach, desert sea and other new maps, the 60~70 will open a number of new story lines and a number of new copies, and increased the new weapons and equipment and fashion, mounts. In addition, the game also made great innovations, five talent system and wild stunts such system will be open and complete; the highly anticipated new animal play will also open. A new scene animal infested The Classic of the Great Wilderness new era scene new scene new cutscenes Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: