Wulong scenic area sued 4 Party Foreign lawsuit verdict – 27 this month, Beijing-驯龙高手dm456

Wulong scenic area sued "4" Party Foreign lawsuit verdict – 27 this month, Beijing yesterday, the Chongqing morning news reporter learned from the Wulong area: scenic spots of Wulong sued the "Transformers 4" (hereinafter referred to as "4") foreign lawsuit on Thursday (27 days) in Chongqing City, the third level people’s court court verdict. In April 26th, Chongqing’s first foreign tourism industry case — Wulong scenic sued "4" dispute lawsuit in the city court hearing. Wulong scenic area (the plaintiff) against "4" slices of American paramount and Beijing 1905 (the one or two) the company is not in accordance with the contract placement, cause serious loss of the Wulong scenic area; accidental counterclaimed requires the plaintiff to pay the final payment and the delay fines totaling 12 million 458 thousand yuan. Plaintiff: breach of contract is breach of Wulong scenic area adhere to "4" party failed to in accordance with the contract, to sign the "Wulong China presents eye-catching logo, not realizing the purposes of the contract, constitutes a fundamental breach of contract, the contract should be lifted, and demanded compensation for losses related to the film side shooting lead. "The contract did not reach the expected effect, but have a negative impact, the equivalent of a boondoggle." The Wulong scenic area, "4" in the plottwists link appears in the Wulong scenic area, a series of pictures of dinosaurs and Optimus uniform machines, Transformers television screen stand up to the Hongkong opera, because there is no landmark source, confused the audience of the source of the cognitive attractions. According to a survey commissioned by the agency’s research results show that, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong cinema, the random sampling of 551 moviegoers, 86.9% moviegoers said, is not clear in the scenic Wulong mining scene scenes where provenance. Defendant: not only release without perfect American paramount and 1905 companies that "4" in the movie has fully demonstrated the Wulong born bridge magical and beautiful natural scenic landscape, and will be the most important turning point in the story plot set in the Wulong scenic natural bridge camera footage, to a very good publicity to the Wulong scenic area, has basically reached the purpose of cooperation. The discovery of errors, because the release has been issued by the relevant departments, too late to modify the landmark words, in the subsequent DVD carrier distribution, TV and digital broadcast platform, has been timely remedy, release not only implant, imperfect, incomplete, there is no breach of said. The defendant also proposed a lawsuit against the Wulong scenic area questioned claims and facts and reasons of the serious lack of legal and factual basis, and asked the Wulong scenic square in accordance with the contract to pay the contract of $1 million 200 thousand and deferred payments arrears of 11 million 58 thousand yuan, the total cost of 12 million 458 thousand yuan. To counter the Wulong scenic area, adhere to the "4" party breach first, breach of contract in the film stop tail payment is reasonable and legitimate behavior, as paramount partners, Beijing 1905 company with joint liability. The presiding judge concluded that the plaintiff and the defendant have not recognized the fact that the "China Wulong" landmark, but in the degree of contract breach on the understanding of the different, the greater the burden of proof. Newspaper reporter Wu Fu相关的主题文章: