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Xinjiang discipline: very few serious violations of discipline and punish illegal related party cadres – Xinjiang Beijing: Zhuazao catch small is also a performance of     1 to September party light punishment of 2213 people "thank the party committees and discipline inspection autonomous region, we will never forget the party organization’s care." This is a letter before the liberation of the old comrades to participate in the creation of the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Commission for discipline inspection task force sent a letter of thanks. Originally, the old comrades of the Party cadres is the son of the autonomous region in May 2016, the surname Wang, surname Wang alleged Autonomous District Commission for discipline problem investigation, in charge of the cause of the party and Party cadres attitude, according to its discipline facts, mistaken attitude and reality is the use of supervision and discipline of "four form", expelled from the party, administrative dismissal (job level by the deputy department leadership positions reduced clerks) punishment. The old way of indebted forever autonomous discipline of healing. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection, supervision and discipline to accurately grasp the use of "four forms", insisted Zhuazao grasping small grasping prevention, to discipline cadres "shout" "slam beat", blocking its path towards illegal violation. Is Ji before, to the discipline of foot, hold good each line last year, autonomous Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate with departmental level leading cadres serious violation cases, the number of people involved, a great social repercussions. How to deal with these party members and cadres to become a problem. "We must adhere to the discipline as a ruler, based on facts, adhere to the combination of discipline and education, do justly, avoid leaning to either side." Autonomous Region Party committee, discipline committee secretary Xu Hairong stressed. After careful research and analysis, the ad hoc group adhere to the discipline is in front, according to each person’s discipline ", the surgery, an antidote against the disease" vaccination vaccination, the operation of the final, to give criticism and education of nearly 9 personnel, other personnel respectively depending on the situation to light punishment or discipline organization treatment of severe punishment, discipline and major job adjustment, very few people involved have been transferred to judicial organs. The use of "four forms", not only to ensure the stability of the system, the work of the sustainable, but also to achieve the punishment of the minority, the majority of the political and social effects of education. Practice the "four forms", with the first form is the key. Since this year, Changji set "Zhuazao grasping small implementation opinions" normalization, clear Zhuazao grasping small 8 ways; Hotan region to establish a consultation system and admonishing card issuing, for by Party members and cadres are organized for admonishing in a timely manner; Yili has hundreds of Party members and cadres to take the initiative to organize confessed his disciplinary problems. "This conversation makes me blush of feeling, but it is a timely rain, in future work, I must discipline rules, solid work." Kuche County Education Bureau Director Guo Zhiqing after being interviewed Commission for Discipline Inspection with deep feeling. 1 to September this year, the discipline inspection organs conversation letter consultation 888 times; 2628 party organization; light punishment of 2213 people, accounting for 63% of the total number of sanctions; and heavy punishment of 1301 people, accounting for 37 of the total number of sanctions)相关的主题文章: