Fujian and Taiwan Colleges and universities jointly developed 2 energy-saving vehicles, Pingtan smoo 纪元1701

Fujian and Taiwan University jointly developed 2 sets of such vehicles in Pingtan smooth customs clearance   Guangzhou will participate in the contest – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn October 14 Fuzhou Xinhua (Lin Changsheng) united team Taiwan Daye University and Quanzhou Institute of Technology jointly developed two students consisting of 2 units of energy-saving car. The 2 energy saving vehicles on the 11 day to take the "Strait number" successfully arrived in Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area in front of the pier, will participate in the energy conservation competition held in Guangzhou. Reporters from Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that the Bureau for the 2 energy-saving vehicles to provide convenient customs clearance service, to promote its rapid entry customs clearance. According to reports, the two sides 2 units of energy-saving cars jointly developed, one of which is the fuel, the other is the electric car. After the tenth Honda China energy saving competition held in Guangzhou in 2016, it will return to Taiwan Daye University in mid 11. Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau in understanding the temporary entry and not on the road after exercise immediately, guide the inspection data of the owner, at the same time, the early organization of port frontline staff further familiar with the related business processes and technical personnel, the first time for acceptance inspection, inspection personnel on-site inspection for the first time, the efficiency of the shortest time, the highest the car to ensure smooth customs clearance, to further promote cross-strait cultural and academic exchanges. (commissioning editor Lin Dongxiao and Shi Yunjuan) 闽台高校共同研制2台节能车平潭顺利通关 将参加广州大赛–福建频道–人民网 人民网福州10月14日电(林长生)台湾大叶大学与泉州理工职业学院两校学生组成的联合赛队共同研制了2台节能车。这2台节能车11日搭乘“海峡号”顺利抵达平潭综合实验区澳前码头,将参加广州举行的节能竞技大赛。 记者从福建检验检疫局获悉,该局为这2台节能车特别提供便捷通关服务,促其快速通关入境。据介绍,此次两岸两校共同研制的2台节能车,其中一台是燃油车、另一台是电动车。参加完广州举行的2016年第10届Honda中国节能竞技大赛后,将于11中旬返回台湾大叶大学。福建检验检疫局在了解其暂时进境并且不上路行使等情况后,立即指导货主补充报检资料,同时,提前组织口岸一线工作人员进一步熟悉相关业务流程和技术要求,检务人员第一时间受理报检、检验人员第一时间现场查验,以最短的时间、最高的效率保证该车顺利通关,进一步促进了两岸文化、学术交流。 (责编:林东晓、施云娟)相关的主题文章: