Putian mother ride the child was blown down two daughters were crushed to death forklift 姉summer

Putian: mother ride the child was blown down two daughters were crushed to death forklift channel network November 3rd hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Jinwen map) in the evening of two daughters to go home, but was an oncoming truck knocked down, resulting in two truck rolling daughter was killed on the spot. Reporters yesterday from the Putian Licheng Police Brigade three squadron learned that the forklift driver Cheng for driving without a license has been in administrative detention accident is under investigation. Relatives of the deceased told reporters that the child’s mother had finished surgery, the hospital is recuperating, but the perpetrators of the family has not been to the hospital to visit the injured, but also did not pay medical expenses. The girls fell off the truck still continued to travel in October 30th 5 pm, Ms. Chen riding the electric car, carrying two daughters go out to buy clothes, on the way home after North Wucheng Town Village section of Licheng District, the oncoming truck. Because the road is being repaired, Ms. Chen worried about the safety of children on the car, they stopped at the roadside. Who is expected, when the car through the side of Ms. Chen, scraping the left foot of Ms. Chen, Ms. Chen can not stand, the electric car will fall, the two children on the car also fell down. At this point, the forklift is still running, directly from the child who ran over, resulting in the death of two children died on the spot, and Ms. Chen’s left foot has been rolled fracture. Ms. Chen’s brother Chen told reporters that the two girls were 6 years old and 8 years old, excellent grades, usually very well behaved, will help to do housework. For the child’s departure, the whole family is very sad. The driver driving without a license the family had never been seen after the incident, Ms. Chen was sent to Putian 95 hospital, diagnosed by the hospital, Ms. Chen left tibial and fibula fractures after surgery is to rest, treatment costs are spent 40 thousand yuan. After the incident, the leadership of the town of north to the treatment fee." Chen said he contacted the driver’s boss in November 1st, asking for compensation, the last to the hospital to 20 thousand yuan. Chen said, sister Chen has three children, the death of the elder sister is the youngest son of just over 4 years old, just over the age of two. So far, the driver’s family did not go to the hospital to visit the injured, also did not pay medical expenses. Chen said that they are now waiting for the police to deal with the results. Licheng Police Brigade three squadron of police, forklift driver because of driving without a license, has been in administrative detention, for the specific cause of the accident, they still further investigation.相关的主题文章: