Three aspects become Jiezhuang bargain master 步步高i606

Three aspects become Jiezhuang bargain master?? the most obvious example is the protection tube is sure to walk the wire in the wall, but some construction workers had protective tube removed, and then hastily closed the groove. In this way, not only save money and materials to the construction side is simply shooting two birds with one stone. This is the four economic benefits of family decoration decoration?? although each family’s income, value orientation, aesthetic taste different, but when it comes to the home decoration, all hope to have a good and as cheaply as possible budget. In general, the decoration of the family in the decoration budget should consider the following aspects. This is the four economic benefits of family decoration?? 1, is a good material account?? at present, decoration materials store, supermarket, as long as can be asked to visit several real prices on the market, be aware of. Then, make a detailed list of materials decoration company quotations, and let the estimated amount, to prevent some decoration companies cut corners". To talk about the price of enemy "to better with the decoration company, and make a reasonable budget for the entire decoration materials required. This is the four economic benefits of family decoration?? 2, a good design account?? if the decoration of the family is economical and practical, can design their own, to ask others to draw a picture; but if you want to focus on space sufficiently and reasonably, the pursuit of personalized decoration and artistic taste, it is best to ask a room the designer to do the design. Design costs generally account for 5%-20% of the total cost of renovation, the money should be considered before the renovation budget. When the designer to the design sketch to the decoration of the family, in addition to care about the overall effect, the degree of comfort, be sure to ask the specific details: if it is solid, durable, in order to prevent potential risks. This is the four economic benefits of family decoration?? 3, is a good time account?? family decoration really started to do before a lot of, be sure to set aside enough time before the renovation, such as design, material sourcing, price and budget must be done in place. The more fully prepared in advance, the formal decoration of the faster construction speed, the actual cost is lower. Their preparation of the family decoration more to make good arrangements for procurement preparation in order to slightly earlier than the renovation process, to prevent the misuse of the period. This is the four economic benefits of family decoration?? 4, a good equity account?? decoration decoration contract is elastic the largest part, must be considered a good account of the interests of decoration company signed a contract. Decoration companies to pay the cost of renovation should be based on the decoration of the difficulty, the level of labor, the performance of the past and other specific circumstances. The signing of the renovation contract is also to ensure that the decoration budget can be used reasonably, whether it will overrun too many legal documents. The contents of the contract shall include the materials used, the designated brands and the price agreed upon by both parties. And must be on the decoration time, schedule and payment methods set the detailed terms. The contract must also indicate the warranty period, because in general, the decoration of the family is difficult to find quality problems, after a period of time will be exposed. On the home decoration quote "trap"? Generally speaking, the budget price of the decoration company is composed of three parts: material cost, labor cost and management fee. Among them, management.相关的主题文章: