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FAW – Volkswagen Wei listed, the car in the end can give us what? – Sohu cars, as in the domestic situation, the car in the domestic market, has always been an awkward existence. In Europe, there are 100 cars in each of the 60 vehicles, but the number in China is how much? 1 cars? Even less. 2015 China’s total market sales of only four cars, the total sales of passenger cars in the car can be ignored almost 21 million. Of course, we should be rational view of this problem, it is only a kind of consumption habits or cultural differences, not what distinction or distinction. In fact, wagon is quite popular in the media circle of friends, we admired the European touring car, because we see the culture than ordinary people — the cockpit more in the European touring car loaded with family and friends, and a big tail box can be installed in a lazy weekend. For people, such a state of life is quite luxurious, at the same time, the car itself is luxurious. At present, the main in the sale of car travel, the price is mainly distributed in the 19.92-159.8 million yuan, luxury brands accounted for 69.23% of the share, and these travel car consumers generally have a high level of education and income, their understanding of the wagon was combined with "Toy + tools", they are the group of people China family the first to eat crab thousands. With the China family car upgrade, people demand more and more rich, the annual about 3000000000 passengers tourists in 1-3 day tour around accounted for more than 70%, most of which is the use of the car to complete the. We are like Europeans dependent on cars, but now we have to travel the car needs, mainly by SUV digestion, the world no second market there are so many SUV the same game, some of them are evolved from off-road vehicles, some came from the car evolution, some MPV evolved from. Or even the van evolved in short, as long as they meet a condition: a car can. So it seems that this market is indeed a need for a car, but the high threshold of a large number of people but the car was shut out, diversion to the SUV market. Finally, we waited for the first "crab" car. November 3rd 7 in the evening, FAW – Volkswagen this year, the final plan of a new car Wei collar listed in Lijiang, priced at 12.59-16.29 yuan. Fashion, leading the trend, it is not difficult to see from the name of the FAW – Volkswagen’s high hopes, the FAW – Volkswagen think Wei is the first domestic car travel brought in this level, if you have to get to the bottom of this point, this is a bit untenable, but this is another a tenable place, because the collar is not a conventional car travel. FAW – Volkswagen to Wei collar is defined as cross-border car, it across the "boundary" is actually the boundary between the car and the car. Although the blue collar and the new Bora from the same A-class car platform, but its body length and width and height are much higher than the Bora, 4559mm, 17.相关的主题文章: