[] weekly lottery Shuangseqiu 16115 Song period 2 out of the last word sql server 2000 个人版

[] weekly lottery Shuangseqiu 16115 Song period: a bottom 2 prefix number can be a district award three and analysis: nearly 5 period in the first open odd award number 3, open even award number 2, the first prize in a recent odd occupy certain advantages, this period may continue to see curious number the prize number in the first open, open the key values 0 award number; the recent 2 prefix award number began to fill out at the bottom of the back, can continue to be optimistic about the 2 prefix award number at the bottom out, out of focus, even optimistic about the award. Shigechika vibration analysis: recent heavy, out began to rise, the red ball out of heavy number 2, nearly 5 out of number 3 period, this period can be a key value heavy, single period value out of number 2, can focus on the odd number as a re issue of the award, award for attention No. 05, 22, 27 as a heavy. O No. recently opened began to rise, the period from adjacent number 2, averaged nearly 3 out of 3 adjacent pieces, later optimistic about the number of adjacent numbers out began to rise, is expected next neighbor number can be down to 1–3 or so, 04, 06, 15 key control, 1926, 28, 30. The interval 1 period number of recent major out of the 0-1, the not out between, it is expected that the next phase will be 0-1, 01, 11, 26 main protection. The recent shigechika isolation total distribution, down to the next high anti still, repeat number can be considered 1–2 pieces, 1–3 pieces to consider adjacent number, interval next award number against 0-1 medals, is expected to total number, weight, neighbor across the fall about 5. Interval analysis: the award to award number 1:2:3 distribution, the uneven distribution of the three area is hot, the overall bullish award number distribution tended to a region. The next area number anti 1-3 pieces, two areas of concern: 1–2 or so, and the three areas you need to focus on open 1–2 award date. Danma: 04, 22 16115th, 04, 03 double recommended: 08, 10, 15, 19, 22, 26, 10, 29+07 (the double gallbladder one recommended in basketball) (song)相关的主题文章: