Be moved! Wizard treasure can dream go players rescue drowning man mentalist

Be moved! Magic treasure can be a dream GO players to rescue the drowning man in the wizard treasure can dream GO on the line, almost all the players in the world are concerned about this game. And when the game landed in Japan, there have been a lot of negative news. This also allows many people began to question the rationality of the game. Recently, however, came a touching news: Wizard treasure can dream GO players rescue drowning man. As shown in the screenshot, which is reported in the news "Shizuoka news". Game player in the middle of the night in the park "elf treasure GO" can be a dream, the results found strange, thought is the emergence of the elves, so to the mobile phone screen to see for a long time, the result is fall into the pool of the elderly, and help. In this regard, a lot of Japanese netizens commented: Although the middle of the night to grasp the spirit is worth Tucao, but to save is to be praised." Very good ah, there is a positive energy news." "…… Why can the old man as an elf, do you think it is the old version of duck?" But more anecdotes about the game, the Tencent will continue to focus on animation. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: