Zou Shiming Tucao hospital indifference was sprayed angry response dynamic hand BB (video) beef怎么读�

Zou Shiming Tucao hospital were sprayed angry response: active cold hands don’t BB Zou Shiming of micro-blog Tencent (the Zhou Ge entertainment news screenshot) in September 26th, Zou Shiming and his wife Ran Yingying was home to the dog teeth leg scratching, so went to the hospital to vaccination. The early morning of September 27th, micro-blog issued a document angrily ran Yingying in the medical staff for their secret cold attitude, ignore. Then there are friends for Zou Shiming’s violent reaction to question. September 29th early in the morning, Zou Shiming issued a document in response to micro-blog. Zou Shiming micro-blog wrote: "I found that individual users really mind crowded by the door, what I said is a public hospital, that sentence again got to the medical staff nurse sister! The bill will put up is shown not to be public hospitals! Really own digging to jump also stay stopped, some also say what we do not back the blame, there is no point on the line of intelligence. At that time it hopes to send a micro-blog Yingying, complaints of individual hospital individual staff check out their work attitude, this is the keyboard Xia Jin attack, who can guarantee that the hospital has no such case happened? You bet you stand out my theory. The hospital is also empty only one person to see a doctor, for the early completion of the vaccine to go home to rest so the emergency room. And when it comes to reason, I do not for her husband as Yingying a word? His wife wronged like a turtle does not stand out to protect her, not for her to speak that I find a piece of tofu moped. The spray will you continue or upset me or I’ll stand up and say, what is coming for me. It is said that a person in charge of the hospital reception also rushed to blow your nose at Yingying shouted, I try! We’re friendly respect justice and abide by the laws. I can tolerate anyone, but don’t hurt my family. I don’t read too little, can we don’t BB." Zou Shiming micro-blog screenshot September 26th, Zou Shiming wife Ran Yingying and his dog playing, was careful not to scratch the dog teeth, then go to the hospital vaccination. The early morning of September 27th, micro-blog ran Yingying again, angrily went to the hospital at the time of the vaccine nurse’s bad attitude: "in addition to meet the doctor amiable attitude, all the nurses sound high eight degree self chat and ignore, disdain and rude, cold front triage reception not polite." Ran Yingying wrote in the micro-blog: Thank you for your concern, I am very moved, but when I dragged the tired body, the eyes of the hospital can not hang a hospital emergency room, said: I was bitten by a dog, I am sorry, want to fight a vaccine… Next, in addition to meet the doctor amiable attitude, all the nurses sound high eight degree self chat and ignore, disdain and rude, the triage reception not polite indifference… Anything else, nothing… Only the high cost of medical treatment and heartless eyes……… At the moment, I just want to say: even if I die, I want to give my money to the people, rather than those who are idle, climbing with potential…" At noon on September 27th, Zou Shiming’s wife left out a medical treatment in micro-blog issued a document: "in the United States that Yingying medical treatment was perfunctory, I was very angry. Because some of the Internet users do not understand the voice of the situation, it is hereby described in detail, as her side of the man, I have something to say B相关的主题文章: