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Jiangsu: more than 8 basic public services will be handled, people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title on the Internet: 80% basic public services online can do the provincial office, the provincial government office yesterday jointly issued the "opinions" on promoting open government work, determined "to the public to promote implementation, promote standardization and promote service, promoting honest" as the basic principle, promote government transparency, to further improve the degree of government affairs more open, public participation and supervision, enhance the government efficiency improved significantly. "13th Five-Year" Jiangsu will further promote the "Internet plus government services, more than 80% of the basic public services will be able to apply online. Our province in 2020 as the time node, make open the new "road map": the whole process of the operation of power and government services — open covering, and the power list, a list of responsibilities, the negative list, the list of services, "double random" check list of full disclosure, government affairs system construction basically perfect — next year; before the end of the common pattern formed cross sector data resource sharing; by the end of 2018, to achieve data sharing and exchange platform full coverage, the government built a unified data open platform; by the end of 2020, the progressive realization of livelihood security, public services and market supervision of government data open to the community, encourage social forces to carry out the development and utilization of government data resources innovation and entrepreneurship; — "Internet plus government services more effective, integration of government services and government entities in virtual depth, social credit Supporting services such as the basic sound, the provincial government service cross regional, cross sectoral, cross level "one application, a window of acceptance, network office, line to solve the" preliminary implementation; — in the government public policy, public administration and public services, execution and supervision become the norm of public participation in the decision-making process, the province’s public service. The hotline system more perfect, public satisfaction rate of more than 95% service hotline. "Opinions" pointed out that government affairs open to grasp the decision-making, implementation, management, service, results and other links. Before the major administrative decisions should be made to the public decision and basis. Publicity of administrative law enforcement. Market regulation to promote the double random mechanism, inspection and investigation of the results to the public in a timely manner. Increase education, health care, water, gas and heat, environmental protection, transportation, communications, finance, culture, sports and other units to work openly. In addition, the administrative authorities at all levels should take the initiative to open a major decision, the implementation of important policies, promote the major decision-making supervision and performance appraisal results in public, pay attention to scientific evaluation of the audit assessment, third party assessment, enhance the public credibility. To improve the level of openness, the opinions put forward a series of quantitative requirements. For example, the government and its departments at or above the county level shall invite the relevant representatives to attend the annual plenary meeting of the government executive meeting, or office meeting on the principle of not less than 3 times, the provincial government, districts and municipal government released the annual report on government information disclosure in the year before the end of March. (Huang Wei) (commissioning editor Ma Xiaobo and Tang Lu)相关的主题文章: