The stock index hit a 10 month high of gapped upward released an important signal 姉summer

The stock index hit a 10 month high of gapped upward released an important signal today two cities down, since the crash of stock index refresh intraday highs, once stood on the 3150 points, hit a new high of 3156 points, a new round of rebound space has been opened. However, the further development of the market to further curb the volume of the market, the two cities immediately down. Since then, financial stocks pulled across the board, the gem stock index rebounded bottom, upward again and refresh recent highs. Afternoon high volatility in the stock, in addition to coal, the majority of the plate performed well, the market was pleased. On the surface, most of the plate rosy, network security, communications, logistics, cross-border electricity sector gainers; coal, Qinghai, the scarcity of resources, decline in the top plate. At the close, the stock index reported 3147.89 points, up 0.46%, for the first time in nearly 3 months to close at the August closing price of the highest point of 3140 points, a record high of $10. Entrepreneurship blackboard 2150.30 points, up 0.94%. Today, the two volume, the total turnover of 526 billion, the amount can not significantly enlarged, restricting the power of bulls. Return to the market: from the current point of view: today the market hit a record high, moderate amount of amplification, once stood 3150 points, into the market long dominated the pattern, but the volume constraints of the market rally, the two cities are the main funding to shock down, to kill whipsaw nature, intended to need to prepare for the market outlook to strong upside. From a technical perspective, the Shanghai air refueling node has been strengthened, then the market has continued to Bikong rose 5 to 7 trading days conditions. Obviously, the market started to enter the middle from the bottom, but considering the background of the national team leading Manniu, investors should remain more patience in the long-term holding firm. What kind of operation strategy should be followed? In research that Bichang card can make up the amount of subsequent to 3141 highs, can be said to release nearly a year of lock plate, but the amount of current is bad, easy callback, here is not suitable for the pursuit of high, hold the hands of the stocks! Below the support has moved down, about 3112 of the position, not broken for good, broke the top of the deviation from the formation of italy. The pressure above the same, 3170 near. More detailed analysis of the market outlook and interpretation, can watch the video card tonight in research "depth of observation", password 8888. >相关的主题文章: