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Have you nailed down your personal job for seniors yet? Are you a senior citizen? Don’t tell me that you are not aware that the entire game plan for seniors finding employment has almost completely undergone a rule change? Have you been napping? Take a big breathful of the wind that is pushing job openings in front of you. Dump the idea that the only thing that will alter the economy’s march to mediocrity will be another governmental bail out. Washington has already taken its best shot, and now the rest is up to you and me. Do you want to get yourself a job for seniors? Then Stop listening to the news pundits that bombard you with tales of doom every night. One of the new buzz words in business today is workplace restructuring! The short hand meaning of that phrase is very candid! The identical jobs that once were passed down from generation to generation have been erased from the equation. That means, that currently, millions of folks have been laid off from jobs that do not even exist anymore. Poof! That work environmen that we grew up with is a thing of the past and has been rebuilt. But lo and behold! What has replaced the old way of holding down a job in perpetuity has been transformed into a brave new world. The watchwords for the new rules of employee and employer engagement are now innovation and versatility! Phew! In just a few words we have covered an entire overhaul in life style. Remember when America was young and the western territories were a virgin, untapped wilderness? All an industrious person had to do was pitch a tent, put down some stakes, register the deed and move in. Oh, they also had to have a dream! Today’s economic recession is painful, but temporary! There are still lots of jobs out there. Can you believe the opportunities that are available to you today, and how excited the early pioneers would be with them. Seniors at this moment, are a virtual untapped natural resource. Do you want to stake out your claim to some job for seniors at an employer of your choice? What do you have to offer, you ask? Define the dream job that you always wanted to do and be good at? Over the years, was there some germ of an idea for work that kicked around in your head? Did you always push it away as daydreaming? Do not run away from you dream and leave it unfulfilled! Take hold of your dream job and run with it. It is now time for you to remove your limitations and begin thinking outside the box. Make a list of your skills and experience! Picture in your mind the value you can provide any future employer. Write your dream job down at the top of your list and then plan what you will say to an employer. Keep in mind this fact. Many vacant jobs are not even advertised yet. The job openings may still be on the drawing board and have not been fleshed out yet. Rehearse your job offering in the mirror. Really work on this. Somewhere, some employer will listen to you and it will click what you can do for him. Sure, you may get a few nays, but you only need one yes and your dream is then a reality. Don’t stop, persist at it, and the dream of your job for seniors will become a reality. Oh, by the way! Bring along the tent and a few wooden stakes. Women’s National Republican Club Announces 95th Annual Dinner Award Recipients By: PRP – Women’s National Republican Club Announces 95th Annual Dinner Award Recipients Tags: Sydney’s Dux College Now Accepts Enrolments Throughout The Year By: PRP – Dux College, the Sydney based tutoring institution with teaching locations in Bondi Junction and Parramatta are now accepting enrolments throughout th … Tags: Boc Sciences Issued Salcaprozate Sodium By: PRP – BOC Sciences released Salcaprozate sodium. 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