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| To start, realize that every frequent flyer program offered by every separate airline is different. They all offer different bonuses and point systems. Although we can provide you with some basic information, you will have to research individual programs to get those nitty gritty details that you seek. The facts though, they are typically similar from one airline to the next. Basically, the easiest way to earn miles is by flying. The more you travel, the more frequent flyer miles you will obtain. The entire program was designed for one particular purpose, to encourage customers to be loyal to their airlines even if prices increase some. The same is true today, you can earn the most miles by flying with the same airline, and it is worth quite a good amount of miles too. With most programs you will obtain one point per mile flown. But remember, different airlines offer different points per mile, so don?t be afraid to shop around. Although, if you?re residing in Europe, for example, they usually exercise a program that offers a fixed number of points per flight, no matter how many miles you may be flying. Not only this, but if you upgrade your ticket from coach to first class you will also earn more frequent flyer miles. First class always gets more points, so if you can, try and fly first class as often as possible. Certain flights can also have an effect on how many points are earned. Flights at various hours and to various locations can be worth more or less points, but this all depends on the airline and their promotions. This may all sound extremely confusing, and it is! Fret not though; many people take advantage of their frequent flyer programs. Just make sure that you read the fine print and find the best overall program for you. It doesn?t take much, just a little research and you will have plenty of options that will all look amazing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: