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UnCategorized The medical industry is definitely filled with jargon of all kinds, and shipping within that industry is no different. The couriers who are dedicated to shipping medical goods must quickly become familiar with many of the terms which are used within the health care system in order to understand what is being requested of them by their clients. One of the most common terms that a courier service will heard used by a medical professional is "STAT." This has become so common that many couriers now simply advertise elements of their medical shipping division as a "STAT" service. In the business world, a STAT service would probably be called a rush, or priority delivery, but in the medical industry the term STAT is preferred. This is probably because this is a very commonly used term within health care, so anyone in the industry should know exactly what is meant by the term. Most medical terms are derived from Latin roots, and STAT is no different. The original word was "Statim" which translates to immediately, or as soon as possible. That is why we now use STAT to meant that something has to be done right now. It means immediately, with no delay, and that nothing should slow you down from completing the task as soon as possible. In the business industry, rush couriers are always highly in demand, because time is money. A fast shipment can help ensure a profit. However, in the medical industry, something much more important than mere profits can hang on STAT delivery requests. There are times when lives can actually hang in the balance, and that is why STAT couriers always make sure that they are ready to move, and to do so without delay. STAT service may be called to move any kind of medical material that might be needed in an emergency situation. This can include blood, medical samples for testing, pharmaceuticals, or even the shipping of equipment and supplies to a disaster site. All of these situations depend on speed, which is why STAT couriers have vehicles that are always waiting and ready to go. Larger STAT couriers will also have access to helicopters. In extremely high risk situations where speed is absolutely of the essence, this is often the fastest way to move something. The cost is high, but worth it if the delivery can make a difference in a patient’s care. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: