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Artists Rabindra Sangeet is the collection of songs written and composed by the veteran and legendary Bengali poet, artist, teacher and dramatist Rabindranath Tagore. They are immensely popular not only in India and Bangladesh but all throughout the globe. If it is said that these songs perfectly reflect the epitome of the rich Bengali culture, there is nothing wrong in the statement. The Rabindra Sangeet is an amalgamation of Indian classical music and traditional folk music. Tagore had written close to about 2230 songs. All his songs are unique and great lyrics. The collection of his songs is known as Gitabitan which literally means Garden of Songs. The book has been categorized into six different divisions. Each category has special themes. They are worship, love, nature, diversity, patriotism and celebration. Rabindra Sangeet has very strong influence on the Bengali culture. It is sung with great fondness and devotion. Tagore himself stated in his book on music Sangit chinta: ‘In regard to music, I claim to be something of a musician myself. I have composed many songs which have defied the canons of orthodox propriety and good people are disgusted at the impudence of a man who is audacious only because he is untrained. The Rabindra Sangeet singer in Kolkata has given a number of performances both in India as well as abroad. You need to put a lot of hard labor for leaning this kind of music. This is because it is based on classical music which is not very easy to learn. Moreover, it has to be sung with full expression and emotion. There are a number of schools which teach the students the techniques for singing a Rabindra Sangeet. Passion and patience are the two key elements while learning this music. The singer in Kolkata has achieved phenomenal success in this field. Singing has always been encouraged in Bengal. Children start learning music from the tender age only. It is performed on special occasions and social gatherings. Tagores song Jodi keyu daak shone na aashe tobe ekla cholo re inspires people even today. Each of the song linked to the heart of the people. Tagore and his works may perhaps be comparable only to Shakespeare and his plays in English literature. Eventually this song is adored by a wealthy businessman as a boatman sailing his boat over the Ganges. Tagore was a true Indian patriot who sang proudly of his Motherland and her riches describing her illustrious past in an omnipotent manner. The Rabindra Sangeet Singer in Kolkata tries to pay homage and gratitude to this great soul by singing few of his songs. The Rabindra Sangeet can be sung in a solo or a chorus. The tune and melody of the song is very rhythmic and has a continuous flow. You do not require hard hitting musical instruments with this kind of a song. Only a tabla, harmonium or a synthesizer is sufficient to accompany the wordings of the song. Although the singer in Kolkata is proficient in singing all kinds of songs, he has a special liking for the Rabindra Sangeet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: