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Legal For those who produce original work, whether it’s an invention, written material, music or a product for which they would like to secure exclusive legal rights, there are legal channels to navigate in order to brand and protect exclusivity to the product. Intellectual property rights include trademarks, copyrights, and patents, each of which is applicable to a different type of property and provides a different type of protection. The first quandary generally comes from not knowing which safeguard applies. A brief meeting with an intellectual property attorney can help determine the type of protection that applies, and how best to go about getting it. Long story short, a trademark protects a word, phrase, design, or symbol, or even a jingle that serves to identify and distinguish one creator of products from another (a "service mark" does the same thing for services as opposed to goods). The name "Levi’s," for instance, together with that company’s well-known red logo, lets everyone be aware that this logo was made (or licensed) by that one company alone, and only that organization can legally use it.. A copyright, on the other hand, signifies protection of an artistic work such as a song or a book, or even original on line written content. A patent protects the rights of an inventor over his creation, though patents are often for a specified period of time. Once it has been determined that a trademark is what you need, it would be prudent to schedule an appointment with a trademark attorney. Though legal representation is not required to file for this protection (and many candidates do indeed go it alone), this is a complex process with many regulations and statutes to cope with; not the least of which is whether or not the trademark is even readily available. A good trademark registration lawyer will begin the process with in depth research to answer that issue, and help the client substitute another brand as appropriate. This is a really critical part of the process, because if a business begins using a previously trademarked logo, for instance, it can be required, years later, to cease and desist, and pay penalty charges for the infringement. Trademarks afford companies international protection which implicitly grants legal recourse if the trademark is infringed upon. When and if that occurs, (and it seems to be progressively more common, especially in foreign look-alike products), your trademark attorney will be able to help with the trademark infringement proceedings. In an increasingly global economic system where competition for goods comes from everywhere, trademark law is an area of expertise in high demand. Having an attorney to handle these issues before they become a problem can save a business countless sums of money and untold hours of legal nightmares. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: