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Business What is Search Engine Optimisation? You might well ask. Do you ever wonder why certain businesses appear higher up in search engine results than others? You might have some vague notion that its to do with visitor numbers and youd be right, to an extent. But of course, thats a self fulfilling prophecy. Those sites which rank most highly in Google are going to get more visitors than those which dont. So Google has to look to other factors as well. Whos interacting with this page? Which pages are linking to it? Whos sharing whats going on here? Is the website well constructed, well laid out and regularly updated? Does it have a lot of ads and is it trying to spam me? Search engine optimisation is about presenting the best front to the search engines. Like putting on a clean, smart suit for a job interview. It doesnt mean you know any more than you did, that youre any better at selling cars or teaching people karate, but it shows confidence, an ability to meet the required standards and to present yourself well to others. Your website needs to be the online equivalent of a polite, helpful and confident young man. Not an over confident slob who doesnt really care what his customers think because he already knows hes a genius. So How Does SEO Work? As weve already said, the search engines take a lot of different factors into account when calculating where sites should be placed in results for different searches. Search engine optimisation works to improve your sites standing across a number of these different factors. When Google was born in 1998 it worked by following the links between various sites. The theory and it was a good theory was that those sites which attracted the most links were the most authoritative. Their robots might not be able to tell which is the best recipe for chicken soup out there, but humans can. And humans are going to create links to that recipe so all their friends can join in the broth. Links are still an important part of any SEO campaign, but the strategy has to be more considered. Time was, you or I could go out there, create a thousand links back to your site from some pretty rubbish websites and hey presto, were ranking. Nowadays, however, the reputations of the sites which are linking to you are just as important as your own. After all, its one thing getting 200 links from a backstreet website filled with ads for little blue pills and quite another to get a single link from BBC News. Search engine optimisation is increasingly a form of technical marketing and generating links from authoritative sites is an important part of what SEO agencies do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: