make your website as easily spiderable as possible. If site has to use flash or JavaScript based menu then make sure to provide alternate navigation and sitemaps. Author 周迅被曝离婚 第一代蝙蝠侠去世

SEO Getting high ranks in Google is not an impossible task if some basic on page optimization rules are followed in conjunction with link building and smart work. Here are some of the best tips for higher ranks. 1. Do not buy a new domain unless absolutely necessary: It is widely believed and has also been confirmed by various SEO consultants that new domains take few months (6-12) before they can rank in Google for competitive keywords. Unless absolutely necessary, use your existing domain. 2. While Optimizing, keep user in mind and not just Google: Google and other search engines have created SEO guidelines which keep users browsing a website in mind. These guidelines are meant to make a website more user friendly. If these search engines are so concerned about users then it’s vital that you should be also. As a SEO consultant you should also optimize keeping in mind your target audience. Figure out which keywords are used by your target audience, what information, products or services are they seeking and how they will navigate your site. This includes keyword research, user interface design and website copywriting. 3. Keyword analysis: Keyword analysis is where a SEO campaign may make or break. Industry specific words or technical terms which may be in vogue with those inside the industry may not be used by layman web users. Find the most relevant keywords using keyword research tools – both free and paid and compile a list of best keywords. 4. Simple User Interface and Site navigation: Just getting users to a website is not enough. A user should be able to be able to locate the information or products s/he is seeking with ease and minimum of clicks. An attractive yet simple user interface and simple navigation system plays a crucial role. If your site sells products, it may be a good idea to create pages separate keyword rich pages targeting each product. 5. Use Title wisely: Perhaps, the most important on page optimization factor. Always include your most important keywords in Title tags of your webpage. Make sure all pages have unique title tags so as not to confuse the search engine bots. The content should also have the keywords mentioned in the title tags. 6. Use keyword rich content: Search engines rank websites with keyword rich content higher. A content rich site is beneficial both for users and search engines. Use text as much as possible and avoid showing content in images or flash which cannot be read by search engine bots. 7. Optimize Link and images: All links and images should be optimized using your main keywords. Images should have keywords in alt attributes. While creating links include keywords in the anchor text. It not only helps user in understanding the link clearly but also aids search engine bots. 8. Make your site spider friendly: Many sites make flash based or JavaScript based menus which are un-crawlable by website bots or spiders which routinely websites and glean information from them to be used for algorithms which rank a website for SERPs. Therefore, make your website as easily spiderable as possible. If site has to use flash or JavaScript based menu then make sure to provide alternate navigation and sitemaps. Author: Steve Schwab About the Author: 相关的主题文章: