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Writing High blood pressure is one of the major diseases that affect and kill hundreds of thousands of people around the world. And it rarely displays any symptoms at all. Thats why people should get their blood pressure checked from time to time; some people even get an automatic high blood pressure monitor to check it at home. But therere factors that would cause high blood pressure, some of which can be controlled. Lets see some factors may cause high blood pressure but you cannot control. Age High blood pressure is more commonly seen in men in early middle age and in women after the menopause. When people get aging, their immunity would became weak, and they are more easily to be invaded by the diseases Gender Researchers say women are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure than men. About 39 million women are suffering from hypertension in the United States, while the figure for men is about 33 million. Race High blood pressure is more common among blacks than whites and often develops at earlier ages in blacks. Family history If one of your family members has this disease, then you are more likely to get it from your gene. Well, luckily therere some factors that you can control to avoid suffering from this horrible disease. And they are: Smoking We all know smoking is harmful to your lung. But do you know that the chemicals contained within tobacco also can damage the lining of your arteries causing them to narrow and pressure to rise. By the way, you can always quit smoking easily with the help of electronic cigarettes. Weight When your weight increases, you heart needs to pump more blood to supply oxygen and nutrients to your body so the chance of high blood pressure is increase too. Actually overweight becomes one of the major high blood pressure causes. Salt If you used to have your meals more salty, your body will retain fluid and this would result in increased blood pressure. Alcohol If you are a alcohol addict, then your chance to have high blood pressure is larger. So you should really stay away from these stuff. Stress If you find yourself always in stress, you may find some ways to release the stress by smoking or getting drunk, and in return, your blood pressure would get raised over time. If you want to protect yourself from high blood pressure, besides controlling all the factors above, you should also get your blood pressure checked regularly. If you are too busy to go to a doctor regularly, maybe you should get a home blood pressure monitor to do it at home. About the Author: By: jaspreet sason – Technology means machines and devices developed by scientific way. With Technology word, the things that strike in our mind are Success, development and progress. Th … By: Justwords Consultants – A question frequently asked by clients is why will they need good content for their site? Think of a situation. You have site with a perfect layout, but it will remain a f … By: Bruno Newman – Through The Patrician, celebrated novelist and writer John Galsworthy critically examines the lives of the highest class of the English society. The protagonist Lord Milto … By: Tanisha Williams – Finding a good book editor can be a tough task. No matter how good of a writer you THINK you are, its always wise to seek the expertise of a book editor to help you pre … By: Tanisha Williams – Being your own critique is a challenge for any writer. However, this is a useful skill to learn. Adopting self-editing techniques to critique your own work when writing a … By: Tanisha Williams – Authors need a faithful group of fans to ignite their book sales, show up at events, and promote everything that comes off the press. Expressing support to your favorite a … By: Sonu Parashar – Flip book maker software is in great demand these days as it helps to make page flips which benefit the publishers, entrepreneurs, and readers in many different ways. By: Justwords Consultants – Content writing or marketing services, especially of the online variety, is a line of work, the origin of which can be traced back to the beginning of 90s decade. By: Deepak Rajput – Are you looking to read a good book in the upcoming weekends? But then you are quite confused about which genre of book you should try out. By: Lawren Cooper – Professional editing services for dissertation work is very crucial for all post graduate students. 相关的主题文章: