After Shanghai interviewed drops taxi companies interviewed 海龟误食塑料死亡 修电梯被卡致死

today, the Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission released news, following the interview "drops of travel" platform, Shanghai yunguanchu and Shanghai city traffic enforcement corps interviewed Johnson, Volkswagen, Haibo, Jinjiang and a number of taxi companies, requiring all companies for lamps to be transported, but the vehicle kept empty disguised rejection behavior propose specific corrective measures.

in addition, according to the traffic management department of Shanghai city to cancel the net about car fare function requirements, every company said that due to technical reasons, it is difficult to achieve in a few days, now seize the time to change the function, software development and testing, is expected in February 1st to cancel the dispatching cost function in Shanghai.


of Shanghai yunguanchu, all taxi companies should ensure that during the Spring Festival, an important transportation hub in key areas within the scope of duty to protect the vehicle capacity in place to respond positively to the completion of the Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission command center command flight dispatch tasks at the same time.

second, according to the existing lamps to be transported, but the vehicle kept empty in refusing behavior, the enterprise should put forward the concrete management and rectification measures, at the same time the driver education in place.

third, March 26th will be formally implemented the "Shanghai city road traffic safety regulations" has been clearly defined, in the car on the way is not allowed to call and browsing of electronic equipment, the enterprise should use the driver for mobile phone orders, installation of mobile phone support behavior and put forward the corresponding management measures.

Shanghai city traffic enforcement corps said, now will start special rectification taxi, ask the taxi industry association and enterprise management personnel on the road Jiuwei and related violations, submitted to the city traffic enforcement corps investigation.