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28 auxiliary brain death in a car accident tearful family donated organs to save 4 – 28 year old news Sohu auxiliary brain death in a car accident tearful family to donate organs to save the 4 people that recently, in Guangxi Hezhou, a man named Liao Dongqi traffic police died in a traffic accident, the tearful family donated his kidney, liver and heart in treatment of others. In September 28th, reporters in Hezhou people’s Hospital learned that in 25, about two in the morning, Liao Dongqi drove home the unfortunate traffic accident, rushed to the hospital after, there are already signs of brain death, the family grief. At the same time Liao Donghe my brother to the hospital now, I drop a drop of rice a meal has not been into the stomach, that is, yesterday was fed two meals down. Swallowed the stomach can not swallow, a swallow on my brother that kind of situation. Interpretation of Liao Dongqi’s brother Liao Donghe told reporters that the younger brother is a very obedient child, in order to make Liao Dongqi’s life in different ways, continue, he and his father decided to take Liao Dongqi’s heart, kidney and liver donated free of charge, to save more lives. Liao Donghe from my dad and I discuss my brother now out of the accident, he heart all is good, I just want to put all his heart to contribute to the country, can save the useful person, is also good for my brother, he might not have died, his heart still may be in the world. I think this means, will all organs donated to those useful people. Interpretation in order to wait for the success of the success of the urgent needs of patients, the hospital with a large number of drugs to maintain Liao Dongqi’s organ function. September 28th at five twenty, the remains of organ donation to get a successful operation, and has been successfully sent to the hospital where the urgent need. After the death of Liao Dongqi donated to the community of two kidneys, a heart, a liver, if passed through a week of observation, then the organs of the body can save at least 4 lives of the people of the. Over the same period the deputy director of the Hezhou People’s Hospital ICU Li Daiqiang surgery immediately put his good kidney liver and other organ function transplantation to others explanation the 28 year old Liao Dongqi is Hezhou City District eight step step Town, is the father of two little girl. In May this year, as the Police Association, in Hezhou City, four traffic police brigade during the work, Liao Dongqi helped the police education persuasion investigate traffic violations since 100, to assist in dealing with more than and 60 traffic accidents. (reporter Zhang Guangquan, Guangxi, Hezhou)相关的主题文章: