2020 Shandong 6 million 800 thousand migrant workers are expected to settle in towns-plustek

Shandong in 2020 6 million 800 thousand migrant workers settled in the town of Ji’nan in September 26th is expected to Xinhua News (reporter Xi Min) Shandong Province recently issued the "opinions" on accelerating the transfer of agricultural population of people, plans to 2020 the province’s 6 million 800 thousand migrant workers settled in the town. Shandong will deepen the reform of the household registration system, establish and improve the protection mechanism of migrant workers rights and interests, and promote the willingness and ability of migrant workers settled in towns. The province will be legal and stable residence (including leasing) or legal and stable employment settled in the basic conditions, the full liberalization of the town settled restrictions. Among them, the city of Ji’nan, Qingdao, the two cities will accelerate the cancellation of the purchase area, the number of years of employment, investment tax, integration and other settled conditions. In the aspect of the protection of public services, Shandong province will protect the children of migrant workers equal right to education, promote the establishment of Suiqian children enrollment policy to a residence permit as the main basis; to expand the coverage of social security for migrant workers, migrant workers to the stable employment and flexible employment into the scope of the insured workers the basic old-age insurance and basic medical insurance; will comply with the conditions of migrant workers into the urban housing security system and housing provident fund system coverage. According to this opinion, Shandong will strive to resolve the 900 thousand 2 million 300 thousand generation of migrant workers and their families in 700 thousand towns, long-term stable employment and living in the first generation of migrant workers from rural areas, 2 million college students in the rural population, urban buyers settled the issue, promote the overall development of 100 thousand foreign migrant workers, 400 thousand children to join the rural population and 100 thousand from rural areas retired soldiers and 300 thousand other migrant workers settled in the town.相关的主题文章: