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2 women were killed in Burma China business shop 200 thousand cash stolen original title: two women’s Burma times news China killed JINGWAH (reporter Wu Hongli) in October 10th in Burma, WA, a Chinese owned supermarket robbery, two China women died, store nearly 200 thousand yuan loss. At present, Burma local police and police in Menglian County in Yunnan province have been involved in the investigation, the case is still under investigation. Yesterday afternoon, the second Burma SAR police officer named Zhao wa a rock single told reporters, the evening of October 10th, in a supermarket, two China woman number knife, died on the spot. According to the analysis of the scene, initially identified as acquaintances crime. Because there is no camera installed inside the store, no witnesses and events, case investigation difficult, I hope the families of the victims to provide clues. After the incident, the police found a dagger made in china. According to the deceased Wang Hua (a pseudonym) son-in-law Mr. Wang said, he runs away from the supermarket shop about 3 kilometers, because the road is bad, to go about 10 minutes drive." He learned that the supermarket where the mother in law after the accident, arrived at the scene at 11:58 pm. He found Wang Hua and Wang Na (a pseudonym) were down in the store in different positions, have lost vital signs. "We were scared and didn’t know what to do." About 20 minutes later, the family alarm. Local police to the scene disposal. After inspection, Wang Hua and Wang Na have cut throat waist, chest and arm wounds, "left hand 5 fingers almost cut off." Mr. Wang said, the next day at 3 in the morning, the police found a bloodstained dagger in a puddle distance of six or seven meters away from the shop, "a blade length of about 15 cm." According to Zhao Yan, one officer said, the second day of the incident, police in Yunnan province Puer Menglian Dai and Wa Autonomous County Lahu to the scene, and the body and the tools back to China. The case is still under investigation. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed Yunnan Pu’er Menglian Dai wa Lahu Autonomous County police, the local police did not deny this, but it did not respond to the specific case. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: