11 year old boy to earn money only for lost father buy tombstone yuanmu

11 year old boy to earn money just to give longlost father buy tombstone 11 year old boy usually do what? In fact, all the boys in the world at this age are the same, in skating, playing games, playing, chasing the same grade girl. However, the 11 year old American boy Brandon (Brandon Bakke) is not, in June this year, he used a whole summer to mow the lawn just to earn money, he never met the father to buy a decent tombstone. He succeeded, in October 20th, he put his hand in the father tree earn tombstone graves. Brandon was a family at a very young age, one family lived in North Dakota, Southeast of the town of fargo. Brandon’s mother, Morandi (Brandy Bakke) that Brandon mother, Brandon’s father did not know, only know his name is Terrence. Pictured mother and Brandon in June this year, Brady in Facebook contacted Brandon’s own sister, 31 year old Tiffany (Tiffany). Then they will know, the original Brandon’s father died last year because of asthma, buried in Chicago, at the age of only 56 years old. Mother wants Tiffany to take Brandon to see his father’s grave, Tiffany agreed, but said, "in fact is not what good", because their father is buried, but no tombstone, the tombstone is too expensive, the Tiffany family can’t afford. For my sister and Brandon Brandon until he was no tombstone, think a lot, "I am very sad, but I think that if what can I do for my father, he will be very proud of me." The only 6 year old boy, from his father’s back after the cemetery began to mow the lawn for others to make money, he hopes to be able to use their own money to buy a tombstone for his father. A few days later, he had earned $175 to find the mother, but the mother told him, want to buy a tombstone may need more money. The young man did not lose heart, but to work harder, hoping to earn more money. The mother said, she and her husband moved his son decided to help his son to utter innocence, the desire to achieve in any case. After a summer job, Brandon earned $400. Mother helped him to contact a funeral company, asked about the price of a good piece of tombstone. Did not expect that, after the mother told the whole story, the company has decided to free their funeral a tombstone – and is even willing to let Brandon personally design! Brandon and father have never met, so I asked a lot about his father’s sister. Sister told him that their father is always ready to help others, like cooking. So Brandon and designers together for the father designed a tombstone, in addition to the above basic information, and a heart, a pair of hand holding soup. Brandon said, this represents his father for the homeless cook. In September, October 4th, to finalize the tombstone shape, the granite tombstone eventually completed to October 20th, Brandon with a tombstone from Fargo, came to Chicago for his students"相关的主题文章: